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Cocuswood "Conservatoire" system oboe with silver plated keywork, signed "BREVETE / (barbican-tower with four merlons) / TRIEBERT / A PARIS / 569432" made c.1930. Length 60.0cm. In old, non-original, case.

Although branded "TRIEBERT" this oboe was made in the Couesnon factory, after the Triebert firm had been bought out. In their catalogues of both 1915 and 1934 Couesnon state that they are the sole proprieters of the Triebert marque and that the oboes have the Triebert bore, the Conservatoire models are branded "Monopole" their best brand.
Needs repad to be playable.

Price £600.00
Instrument #391
Catalogue "Couesnon & Cie, 94 rue D'Angoulême Paris....1915"
Catalogue "Couesnon & Cie 94 rue D'Angoulême Paris, Catalogue Illustré 1934.

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