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French harp guitar, labelled (label damaged and incomplete)

French harp guitar, labelled (label damaged and incomplete)"Achille JOCOMO(NI) / DA FABRICA DI ROMA / Fabricant / D'INSTRUMENTS DE MUSIQUE / Guitares Jaco(moni) / Brevete S.G.D.G. / engraving of this type of harp guitar" made in Marseille c.1900. Height 110.5cm. Body lengths 46.3/66.5cm. String sounding length 63.0cm. Also a signed dedication in ink on the soundboard "A.Jacomoni 5/1900" The soundboard also decorated with drawings of birds and musical instruments.
Repaired cracks in back and ribs. Each open string can be tuned to four notes.

Price £3700.00
Instrument #73
French Patent No.267291 taken out by A.Jacomoni in 1897.
Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers" by R.Vannes

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