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English Digitorium, with the maker's plaque “CHAPPEL & CO” also branded above the keyboard “C D E F G” The body of mahogany with the keyboard covered in artificial ivory. The wrist support adjustable on a slider, There are three, velvet covered, attachments on the sides and back for stretching the fingers. Invented and patented by Myers Marks in 1866.
In good original condition with signs of use.

Price £750.00
Instrument #381
English Patent No.3076 of 23 November 1866 “A Small Instrument to Strengthen the Wrists and
Fingers in connection with Pianoforte, Organ and Harmonium Playing” taken out by Myers Marks.

Illustration and description of “Digitorium” from Metzler & Co. Catalogue, London 1911.

English double music stand in ebonised wood,the centre column of brass, the stand with brass feet. Made in the first quarter of the 20th century.
In good original condition

Price £1500.00
Instrument #240

Pottery reeded horn, unsigned, made in Northern France (?Rouen) c.1900. Length 28.0cm. With brass chain. Plays one note only.
Very good original condition.

Price £450.00
Instrument #164

Glazed pottery commemorative jug, inscribed "PRIZES WON BY THE BLACK DIKE MILLS BAND / GRAND TOTAL / £2011.9.0 / FROM 1856 TO 1882" listing the prizes won, also a transfer on the base "PORCELAINE OPAQUE / BRIDGEWOOD & SON" made in England c.1883. Height 24.5cm.
In very good original condition. The Black Dike Mills Band was formed in 1855 by John Foster, a French horn player, who owned the Black Dike Mill in Yorkshire. Their full title being "The J.Foster & Son Black Dike Mills" According to A.R.Taylor "The most deservedly famous brass band of all time"

Price £850.00
Instrument #93
"Brass Bands" by A.R.Taylor, pages giving some history and a photograph of the band c.1865.

Glazed pottery minstrel jug, with lithograph of band, inscribed below "I WISH I WAS IN DIXAY LAND / SALLY IS THE GIRL FOR ME" made c.1870. Height 16.0cm
Registered design mark dates the jug to 1870.

Price £450.00
Instrument #94

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