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Mandolin labelled "Raffael Calace & Figlio / NAPOLI (Italia) / Anno 1938" also signed twice on the label. Length 64.0cm. In original fitted hard case. Model 309 "THE FASANO MODEL" Michele Fasano, from Naples, a pupil of Raffaele Calace, leader of the Selectra Plectrum Orchestra in London from 1930.
In very good original condition except for repaired carck in table beside fingerboard on bass side.

Price £2200.00
Instrument #486
"The Classical Mandolin" 1995 by Paul Sparks

Clifford Essex advertisement for Model 309. c.1935

Mandolin with 16 strings, labelled "MANDO HARP / PATENTED BY / E.J.MULLINGER / PATENT NO.211390" made in England c.1925. Overall length 57.5cm. Patented in 1923.
Repaired cracks in table, otherwise in very good original condition with beautiful inlay work.

Price £2850.00
Instrument #468
English Patent No.211390 taken out by E.J.Mullinger in 1923.

Tenor guitar with four strings, the head painted with flowers and leaves, no makers label, the basic guitar probably made in Germany in the early 20th century, the table inlays done afterwards by a different hand. Overall length 83.5cm. Body length 41.8cm. String sounding length 56.4cm.
One short repaired crack in the back, two soundbars beginning to push through the ribs, the back lifting off in a couple of places. The machines not original. Sold AS IS

Price £600.00
Instrument #72

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