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Gelas model ukulele, signed on the table "Gelas" probably made by Jean Rowies or E.Gaudet in Paris c.1925. This double table model was invented by Lucian Gelas, a guitar player, in the early 20th century. Overall length 54.5cm. Body length 22.3cm.
In good original condition, two repaired cracks in the table, a scratch on the back.

Price £1600.00
Instrument #432
A very similar Gelas ukulele is in the Musée de la Musique in Paris #E.994.9.1

Guitar, labelled “G.F.Wurzelhofer / Br??ae Anno“ made in Germany c.1900. Length 97.0cm. String sounding length 64.1cm. Body length 48.0cm. The body and neck inlaid with boxwood decoration.
Repaired crack to back and other minor repairs to body.

Price £6500.00
Instrument #384

Guitar with ten strings, branded on the table “MICHELOT” and labelled “J.P.Michelot rue St Honore Pres / St Roch A la Melodie a Paris 1784(?)” Length 95.7cm. Body length 43.8cm. String length 66.7cm. This is an example of the “Guitare en bateau” invented by Michelot.
Repaired cracks in table and back. Old worm holes filled. Pegs not original.

Price £12000.00
Instrument #329
Entry for J.P.Michelot from "La Guitare, Paris 1650-1950" with photos of similar "guitare en bateau"

Soprano mandolin, unlabelled but made in Italy in the style of Calace c.1930. Length 54.0cm. String sounding length 29.3cm.
In good playing condition, small repair to corner of head.

Price £600.00
Instrument #191

Tenor guitar with four strings, the head painted with flowers and leaves, no makers label, the basic guitar probably made in Germany in the early 20th century, the table inlays done afterwards by a different hand. Overall length 83.5cm. Body length 41.8cm. String sounding length 56.4cm.
One short repaired crack in the back, two soundbars beginning to push through the ribs, the back lifting off in a couple of places. The machines not original. Sold AS IS

Price £600.00
Instrument #72

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