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Mandolin labelled "Raffael Calace & Figlio / NAPOLI (Italia) / Anno 1938" also signed twice on the label. Length 64.0cm. In original fitted hard case. Model 309 "THE FASANO MODEL" Michele Fasano, from Naples, a pupil of Raffaele Calace, leader of the Selectra Plectrum Orchestra in London from 1930.
In very good original condition except for repaired carck in table beside fingerboard on bass side.

Price £2200.00
Instrument #486
"The Classical Mandolin" 1995 by Paul Sparks

Clifford Essex advertisement for Model 309. c.1935

Guitar, the ribs and back of solid maple, labelled “J.C.Mencke / maker 39 Gt East Street / Brighton Sussex / Aug 19th 1830" Overall length 94.2cm. Body length 45.8cm. The tuning machines stamped “RANCE”
Repaired cracks in table and ribs

Price £3500.00
Instrument #471

German guitar, labelled "C.A.Kruschwitz / in Hanover / Leinstrasse Nr 845" made c.1830. Overall length 91.0cm. Body length 42.7cm. In original veneered box.
In very good original condition.

Price £7000.00
Instrument #472

Dital harp, signed “Lights Patent / Dital Harp / Foley Place, London” also “No.16” made c.1820. Height 89.0cm. Decorated in gold on a brown ground. Repaired cracks in back. An example of Edward Light’s English Patent of 1816 No.4041.
Repaired cracks in back. An example of Edward Light’s English Patent of 1816 No.4041.

Price £2800.00
Instrument #469
English Patent No.4041 of 1816

"Musical Instruments, Part II. English and Irish Instruments" 1908 by R.B.Armstrong

Guitar, the body originally a lute, made in Germany c.1700, bearing the remains of a label of the Hofman family, cut down and converted to a ten string guitar in France c.1750. Overall length 96.5cm. Tied gut frets.
Repaired cracks

Price £5000.00
Instrument #474

Guitar with twelve strings, mahogany ribs and back, unsigned but made in Spain c.1800. Length 95.4cm. String sounding length 61.2cm. In original, black painted, wooden case, lined in woven felt.
In almost perfect original condition, the pegs are all original.

Price £9000.00
Instrument #473

Guitar, the back of mahogany veneered with rosewood, the ribs of rosewood, labelled “D & A ROUDHLOFF / (FROM PARIS) / Manufacturers of Guitars / No 8 Charlotte Street Fitzroy Square / LONDON” also with a manuscript label stating this to be a “Melophonic Guitar” made c.1840. Length 96.5cm. Body length 47.8cm. String sounding length 63.5-63.8cm. The machines signed “V (crown) R” An interesting large (for the 1840s) bodied guitar with X bracing.
Repaired cracks in ribs.

Price £7500.00
Instrument #470

Mandolin with 16 strings, labelled "MANDO HARP / PATENTED BY / E.J.MULLINGER / PATENT NO.211390" made in England c.1925. Overall length 57.5cm. Patented in 1923.
Repaired cracks in table, otherwise in very good original condition with beautiful inlay work.

Price £2850.00
Instrument #468
English Patent No.211390 taken out by E.J.Mullinger in 1923.

Guitar batante,of exceptionally light weight construction, the body of cypress, made in Spain c.1800. Overall length 96.2cm. Body length 48.7cm. Max body width 29.0cm. Max body depth 8.0cm. Weight 720 grams. Guitars of this model from Spain are very rare.
In very good original condition.

Price £10000.00
Instrument #475

Contrabass guitar, labelled “Wm C Stahl / MANUFACTURER / Milwauke Wisconsin” but probably made by The Larson Brothers c.1910-1920. Height 151.0cm. Body length 77.0cm. Max body width 61.0cm.
Generally in good condition (considering the size), with some scratches and wear. With repairer's label of Frederic Gosparlin c.1889-1975.

Price £5500.00
Instrument #476
Reference: “The Larsons' Creations Guitars and Mandolins” “Centennial Edition" 2007 by Robert Carl Hartman.

Contrabass banjo, signed on a plaque fixed to the back or the peg box “CLIFFORD ESSEX & SON LTD / 90 SHAFTESBURY AVENUE / PICADILLY CIRCUS LONDON W.1” Made between 1936 and 1942. Height 150.0cm head diameter 64.0cm.
In good original condition. With recently replaced skin

Price £3500.00
Instrument #477
Reference: “Ideal Instruments for Banjo or Mandolin Orchestra” showing a contra-bass banjo, from “Musical Instruments by Clifford Essex & Son” c.1927.

Russian guitar with seven strings, birds eye maple back and ribs, labelled in Russian, (State Musical Trust, Factory of small musical instruments, Moscow Kuznetski Perfulok 3), made c.1920. Length 91.0cm String sounding length 59.0cm. The neck adjustable.
In good original condition, showing some wear

Price £2250.00
Instrument #465

Guitar, the body of rosewood, branded on the head “(crown) / PATENT / T.HOWELL / INVENTOR / BRISTOL” also with two Howell labels, one inscribed 1839 in ink. Made c.1839. Length 93.4cm. Body length 41.0cm. String sounding length 61.0cm. Interesting internal construction with two longitudinal floating sound bars. Frets made of glass.
Repaired crack in table, revarnished.

Price £8750.00
Instrument #464
British Patent No.6964 taken out by Thomas Howell in 1835.
"Thomas Howell, Improvements to the Spanish Guitar" from "The Guitar in England 1820-1924" 1989 by Stewart Button.
Entry for Thomas Howell from "Saintsbury's "Dictionary of Musicians" 1824.
Photographs of internal strutting

Gelas model ukulele, signed on the table "Gelas" probably made by Jean Rowies or E.Gaudet in Paris c.1925. This double table model was invented by Lucian Gelas, a guitar player, in the early 20th century. Overall length 54.5cm. Body length 22.3cm.
In good original condition, two repaired cracks in the table, a scratch on the back.

Price £1600.00
Instrument #432
A very similar Gelas ukulele is in the Musée de la Musique in Paris #E.994.9.1

Guitar, labelled “G.F.Wurzelhofer / Br??ae Anno“ made in Germany c.1900. Length 97.0cm. String sounding length 64.1cm. Body length 48.0cm. The body and neck inlaid with boxwood decoration.
Repaired crack to back and other minor repairs to body.

Price £6500.00
Instrument #384

Mandolin, made by and labelled “No.274 Anno 1940 / LUIGI EMBERGHER / (picture of woman with lyre) / ROMA” also branded on the front of the head “L.EMBERGHER / (LYRE) / ROMA” In hard case.

In very good original and playable condition, no cracks.

Price £2500.00
Instrument #376

Russiam balalika, not signed but made in the late 19th century. Height 71.6cm. The scratchplate and inlay around the soundhole in tortoise shell.
Repaired cracks in back and table. Small part of inlay missing around soundhole.

Price £850.00
Instrument #378

Guitar with ten strings, branded on the table “MICHELOT” and labelled “J.P.Michelot rue St Honore Pres / St Roch A la Melodie a Paris 1784(?)” Length 95.7cm. Body length 43.8cm. String length 66.7cm. This is an example of the “Guitare en bateau” invented by Michelot.
Repaired cracks in table and back. Old worm holes filled. Pegs not original.

Price £12000.00
Instrument #329
Entry for J.P.Michelot from "La Guitare, Paris 1650-1950" with photos of similar "guitare en bateau"

French harp guitar, labelled (label damaged and incomplete)"Achille JOCOMO(NI) / DA FABRICA DI ROMA / Fabricant / D'INSTRUMENTS DE MUSIQUE / Guitares Jaco(moni) / Brevete S.G.D.G. / engraving of this type of harp guitar" made in Marseille c.1900. Height 110.5cm. Body lengths 46.3/66.5cm. String sounding length 63.0cm. Also a signed dedication in ink on the soundboard "A.Jacomoni 5/1900" The soundboard also decorated with drawings of birds and musical instruments.
Repaired cracks in back and ribs. Each open string can be tuned to four notes.

Price £3700.00
Instrument #73
French Patent No.267291 taken out by A.Jacomoni in 1897.
Dictionnaire Universel des Luthiers" by R.Vannes

Tenor guitar with four strings, the head painted with flowers and leaves, no makers label, the basic guitar probably made in Germany in the early 20th century, the table inlays done afterwards by a different hand. Overall length 83.5cm. Body length 41.8cm. String sounding length 56.4cm.
One short repaired crack in the back, two soundbars beginning to push through the ribs, the back lifting off in a couple of places. The machines not original. Sold AS IS

Price £600.00
Instrument #72

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