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Siccama Model cocuswood flute with silver plated keywork, signed "SICCAMA MODEL / CYLINDER BORE / IMPROVED / BEARE & SON / LONDON" made c.1890. Length 66.0cm.
In good original condition. Recently repadded. Lacks metal ring to foot joint, short repaired crack in head joint.

Price £400.00
Instrument #433
This model flute illustrated and described from "Catalogue Musical Instruments, Beare & Son, London" c.1900.

Silver plated, Boehm system flute with engraved lip plate, signed "BREVETTATO / A.RAMPONE / 2757 MILANO" on the barrel and "A.RAMPONE / DITTE RIUNITE / B.CAZZANI & C." on the headjoint, made c.1935. Length 71.0cm. In original fitted, leather covered case with metal cleaning rod. tenon covers for both head and lower body.
In good condition with old pads, wear through silver plate by RH thumb, the headjoint has been shortened about 1cm. This is an interesting system flute, basically Boehm system with double touch for G#, plus a duplicate high C key and most unusual of all the B foot with a choice, by slight rotation of the footjoint, the long key for L4 can either give a double touch to the D# or the B key. The extended tenon to the foot joint has an oval hole enabling the D# key to have a full hole through the tenon with either foot joint position.

Price £900.00
Instrument #430
Illustration and description #570 of this model flute from the 1935 Rampone & Cazzani Catalogue

Boxwood flute with ivory bands and one silver key, signed "W.MILHOUSE / LONDON" made c.1800. Length 60.2cm
In very good original condition, very slight warp to headjoint.

Price £1600.00
Instrument #425

Boxwood flute with ivory bands and one brass key, signed "(tree) / LAWSON / TOTTENHAM CT / ROAD / LONDON" made c.1800. Length 61.0cm.
In very good condition, headjoint cap not original, recently repadded.

Price £1500.00
Instrument #388

Boxwood flute with horn bands and one brass key, signed "(sunburst) / Pott-----r / (sunburst)" made by Pottgiesser in Elberfeld c.1810. Length 61.7cm. Sounding length 53.5cm. Elegant key design.
Good original condition, recently repadded, playable.

Price £1600.00
Instrument #327

Boxwood flute, with three left hand joints, with horn bands and one brass key, signed "(four triangles) / STEINER / D" made in Germany or Bohemia in the early 19th century. Length (with longest joint) 63.8cm. Sounding length 54.6cm. Bore flares out at end of foot joint
Three short repaired cracks in foot joint. recently repadded, playable. The dark lines on two of the left hand joints are a discolouration of the wood. In modern fitted case.

Price £3500.00
Instrument #328

Silver plated Boehm system flute (with additions), signed "LAUBE / La Couture Boussey / (Eure) / BREVETE / S.G.D.G." made c.1900. Length 68.3cm. Sounding length 60.5cm. A curioues model with an extra high trill key and a second touch for the G#.
In good original condition, two minor small dents in the body, worn pads.

Price £1250.00
Instrument #251

Cocuswood left handed flute with silver bands and eight silver keys, signed "C.NICHOLSON'S / IMPROVED" on the headjoint, "2558 / CLEMENTI & CO / LONDON / C.NICHOLSON'S / IMPROVED" on the body, made c.1830. Length 66.1cm. Has the flattened area between the RH fingerholes as recommended by Nicholson.
Repaired cracks in head joint and barrel. Needs repad to be playable.

Price £2300.00
Instrument #229

Boxwood flute with bone bands and six silver(?) keys, two with double touches, one with double holes, signed "(six petalled flower) Klein (six petalled flower) / Coln / (six petalled flower)" made c.1840. Length 60.8cm.
Half a key not original. Recently repadded.

Price £1800.00
Instrument #205

Cocuswood conical Boehm system flute with silver mounts and keywork (with Dorus G#), signed (faint stamp) "MARTIN /Freres / PARIS" made c.1850. Length 66.5cm. Sounding length 58.1cm. In old, probably original, velvet lined, mahogany veneered case.
Generally in very good condition, recently repadded. Short crack in foot joint, silver band to end of foot joint not original. A very interesting beautifully made flute, the embouchure silver lined and all the fingerholes, inside the rings, covered in silver.

Price £2800.00
Instrument #182

Ebonite flute with gold plated silver keywork, signed "(crown) / A.COLLARD & CO / PATENT / 211 OXFORD STREET / LONDON W. / No 136" made c.1885. Length 65.5cm. Sounding length 58.4cm. In original, leather covered, case.
Needs complete overhaul, old soft solder repair to one key. Worn gold plate.

Price £1500.00
Instrument #139
English Patent No.5266 taken out in 1880 by C.A.Drake. Basically a copy of Rudall Carte's 1867 system with a few variations.

Boxwood flute with horn bands and six brass keys, signed "(Hapsburg eagle) / I.W.LAUSMANN / LINZ / (six pointed star) / C" made c.1855. Length 60.5cm. Metal lined headjoint. In original cardboard case lined in woven felt.
In very good original condition, recently repadded.

Price £1400.00
Instrument #109

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